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Our school is currently looking for international partners for student and staff exchange and co-operation on various fields,
activities and projects concerning school specialisation as well as general subjects.


For communication in English, please contact members of English Department (see bellow).


SOS a VOS Breznice

Rozmitalska 340

262 72 Breznice

Czech Republic



e-mail: skola@sbrez.cz

tel.: +420 318682961

fax: +420 318682984



Ing. Marie Firtikova

Deputy Headmistress:

Mgr. Cechurova Jitka

Učitelé jazyků

English Department:

Mgr. Simona Luftova


Mgr. Oldrich Motan


About school

Our school - VOS a SOS Breznice (Higher and Secondary School in Breznice) is located in a small town 70 km south of Prague. The town of Breznice is small but historically significant with a beautiful castle, an old church and square and attractive surroundings, including Pribram Holy Mountain and famous mining museum in Pribram.
The first school building was opened in 1926 and is still a part of present school campus.The school traditionally focused on teaching agricultural subjects went through transformation into a modern educational institution offering several branches of study which correspond with the requirements of present job market situation.
The school has 431 students and 34 qualified and well trained staff.
The school is divided into two parts:
- secondary school with 4 year courses for students aged 15+ who can study agrobusiness, social care, nursing and IT including both theoretical and practical training and leading towards school-leaving examinations (maturita) 
- higher education for students 18+ who study social care in a 3 year course which includes both theoretical and practical training and leads towards reaching a degree of graduated specialist (present and external course)
The students participate in various special excursions, competitions, sport and art events throughout the school year, they also have summer practical training (students of agrobusiness). Our school offers accomodation and meals in its own dining room, playgrounds and gymnasium. Students are able to communicate in English and German.

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